Jonathan Swift Festival 2019

November 24
14.00 | Dublin Castle

Georgian Lunch at Dublin Castle

This is event is brought to you by the OPW and The Jonathan Swift Festival! 

Dine like a Georgian! Join us in the beautiful George’s Hall in Dublin Castle for afternoon lunch. This 3 course meal will be accompanied by entertainment between courses.

18th Century Menu


Scotch eggs and Cobb salad
hen’s egg, wrapped in blood pudding, sausage then fried
Pressed beast and quince with dandelion and endives
Pork Jowl and beef tongue with sweet quince
Lagume salad with radish, spring onions, onions and other botanicals and legumes


Heathen cake
Sweet rich meaty pie with beef and marrow gravy, fruit, honey and salty bacon
Black bird in a pie
Black hen cooked with wild forage, mace and parsley, suet dumplings
Trout baked in peat
Trout, lemon and herbs encased in peat.
Roast ancient root vegetables
Heirloom roots and beets roasted with bee nectar
Cauliflower pudding
cheese and onion cream, mace, nutmeg and cloves
Crop potatoes, roasted in duck fat


Egg yolk, clove and  set almond milk and corn flowers
Honey and pinenut sable biscuit
Ginger jelly syllabub
Cinnamon, orange, candied ginger dried grapes and honey walnut


Ticketing will go live soon and this is sure to sell out fast!




Georgian Dublin, Behind the Façade